Multilingual dentist trained in France, North America or UK providing dental excellence throughout Europe : surgeon, dentist & dental specialist , stomatologist, oral & cranio maxillo facial surgeon, prothodontist, implantologist, endodontist, periodontist, oral pathologist, orthodontist, pedodontist,dental hygienist, restorative dentist,cosmetic dentist, esthetic dentist, operative dentist,occlusodontist, sports dentist.

the "London odonto team"

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US-France-UK-trained Dentists in London:""
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The multilingual and multi-specialty dental team of excellence in London and Paris:
Private dentists, specialists in Odonto-Stomatology & Cranio maxillo-facial surgery


Paris odonto Dentist

8 eme arrondissement
Paris Dental Practice
24 rue de Madrid 75008 Paris
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London odonto Dentist

London Dental Practices

odonto Specialists

London West End
London Cranio Maxillofacial surgeon
57 Portland place, London W1B 1QN
London  oral surgeon
french speaking dentist london
London Dentist specializing in Periodontics
57 Portland place, London W1B 1QN,
london periodontist
London Dentist specializing in Orthodontics
6 Harcourt House, 19a cavendish place, London W1G 0PN
london orthodontist
french speaking dentist london

Dentists with special interest

London dentist: special interest in Prosthodontics
london prosthodontist
french speaking dentist london
London dentist: special interest in Endodontics
London endodontist
french speaking dentist london
London dentist: special interest in Implants
london implantologist
french speaking dentist london
London Odonto Dental Hygienist
london hygienist
french speaking dentist london
dental surgeon paris
dental surgeon paris
dental surgeon paris quality dentists london paris
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the london odonto team = dental excellence
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the london odonto team = dental excellence

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(0)79 3323 8649

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Paris dentist:
(0)14522 2915

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children, adults

cranio facial surgeon implantology

dr. a gibilaro, orthodontist   dr. jj dupuis, prosthodontist, endodontist   dr.thuau, cranio facial surgeon   dr.sidi,  periodontist
Dr Anna Gibilaro  

Dr Jean-Jacques

  Dr Henri Thuau  

Dr Alain Sidi

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Important notice to English-speaking travelers looking for a dentist:
for a toothache, an infection, an emergency abroad? ask for our best trusted doctors all over Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

Now in Paris!
Dr. Jean-Jacques DUPUIS

is lecturing in Endodontics about:
the "endo-pros continuum"
24 rue de Madrid 75008 Paris

Doctors wishing to attend the 2h-presentation ,
please call at 0145222915 for a reservation.

WHY a need for odonto dentists?
Demanding patients from the international community require high-quality dentistry up to the standards they are used to at home, preferably provided by a dentist also able to communicate in their native language.

the answer is an association of multilingual US-France-UK-trained multi-specialists who are respectful of
London odonto team: dental  excellence


ODONTO odd & hot topics

There are 9 American dental specialties.
American dental excellence relies upon a specialty system that recognizes 9 different specialists. After a full-time training in an ADA accredited program and passing a specialty board, any American dentist can limit his practice to a Specialty.
london odonto team: specialtieslondon odonto team: hot topics
Esthetic dentistry
by Dr. Jean-Jacques Dupuis, Global dentist, Paris.
jj dupuis, prosthodontistdental excellence  cosmetic dentist

____ Before _____________ After _____

london odonto team: aestheticslondon odonto team: american dentistry

Instead of limiting one's interest to a single aspect of dentistry , a cosmetic dentist should rather be a "global dentist" with a wide spectrum of competence in prosthetics, implants, endodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, oral and craniofacial surgery, not mentioning a fair amount of artistic and aesthetic talents.

Excellence in Dentistry: Dentists with competence in preventative dentistry , cosmetic dentistry, smile makeovers, prosthetic, restorative, occlusal , maxillo-facial & periodontal rehabilitations, root canal therapy under operatory microscope,surgical endodontics, tooth whitening, porcelain inlays & onlays, laminate veneers , crown & bridge work, ceramics, night-guards, orthodontics, cranio maxillo facial surgery, bone grafting , oral pathology, TMJ disorders, Branemark implants, periodontal therapy. Practices with in-house dental laboratory technician using Empress & Procera (digital technology) techniques.

British pragmatism
The best of French savoir-faire
The standards of excellence of American Dentistry

"" London dentist

Dental practices: Paris, London.
surgeons, dentists, dental specialists, dental hygienists, dental laboratory.

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