Multilingual dental practitioners trained in France, North America or Great britain practicing dental excellence in London & Paris: surgeons, dentists & dental specialists , stomatologists, cranio maxillo facial surgeons, prothodontists, implantologists, endodontists, oral surgeons, periodontists,periodontologists, oral pathologists, orthodontists, pedodontists,dental hygienists, restorative dentists,cosmetic dentists, esthetic dentists, operative dentists,occlusodontists, sports dentists.

"odonto +"

includes the French British American Dental Association of London.

Team of France-U.K.-America-trained medical & dental specialists in the heart of London & Paris:
Dentists, specialists in Odonto-Stomatology & Cranio maxillo-facial surgery.


For an emergency service or reserve an appointment with a London or Paris odonto + dentist, please call Dr Jean-Jacques Dupuis on one of these numbers or click on the Email tab to send a text message.
If you need to see a specialist your message will be forwarded to one of our available odonto + doctors.

+44 (0) 207 235 6640

email odonto
+33 (0) 1 4522 2915
Examples of dental treatment options:
Example n1 sound tooth pulp exposed   root canal fill post & core ceramic crown


sound tooth

caries with exposed pulp

root canal treatment (RCT)

post & core + provisional crown

final crown restoration: RCT + post & core + crown

specialist required   GDP or endodontist   endodontist GDP or prosthodontist GDP or prosthodontist
Example n2 sound tooth apical periodontitis   dental extraction dental implant implant + ceramic
description sound tooth apical periodontitis site of extracted tooth implant with cover screw final crown restoration: implant + abutment + crown
specialist required GDP or endodontist GDP or oral surgeon GDP or prosthodontist
or oral surgeon
or periodontist
GDP or prosthodontist

odonto +

Excellence in Dentistry: preventative dentistry for adults & children, cosmetic makeover, prosthetic, restorative, occlusal , maxillo-facial & periodontal rehabilitations, root canal therapy under operatory microscope, tooth whitening, porcelain inlays & onlays, laminate veneers , crown & bridge work, ceramics, tooh-whitening, orthodontics, cranio maxillo facial surgery, bone grafting , oral pathology, temporo mandibular pathology, Branemark implants, periodontal therapy, in-house dental laboratory technician , Empress & Procera (digital technology) techniques.

French savoir-faire
British pragmatism
The standards of excellence of American Dentistry

"" french dentist london paris

Dental practices: Paris, London
surgeons, dentists, dental specialists, dental hygienists, dental laboratory.

Surgeons, Dentists, Dental Specialists: London, Paris.
Chirurgiens, Dentistes, Spécialistes: Londres, Paris.
odonto dental practice
28 Knightsbridge Court, 13 Sloane Street,
London SW1X 9LJ, United Kingdom
+44(0)20 7235 6640

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