Multilingual dental practitioners trained in France, North America or Great britain practicing dental excellence in London & Paris: surgeons, dentists & dental specialists , stomatologists, cranio maxillo facial surgeons, prothodontists, implantologists, endodontists, oral surgeons, periodontists,periodontologists, oral pathologists, orthodontists, pedodontists,dental hygienists, restorative dentists,cosmetic dentists, esthetic dentists, operative dentists,occlusodontists, sports dentists.

"odonto +"

includes the French British American Dental Association of London.

Team of France-U.K.-America-trained medical & dental specialists in the heart of London & Paris:
Dentists, specialists in Odonto-Stomatology & Cranio maxillo-facial surgery.


For an emergency service or reserve an appointment with a London or Paris dentist, please call Dr Jean-Jacques Dupuis on one of these numbers or click on the Email tab to send him a text message.
If you need to see a specialist your message will be forwarded to one of our available odonto doctors.

+44 (0) 79 3323 8649

email odonto
+33 (0) 1 4522 2915

odonto +

dental excellence brought to you by the international team of dental specialists.


odonto + 10 Commandment and terms of guaranty.*

The original odonto .fr concept sprung from the association of French and English speaking dental and surgical specialists at the highest level of qualification. Those practitioners all have access to centrally located dental practices in London and Paris. Patients can become members of this association and receive treatment in any of the odonto dental practices.

odonto + is an extension of the original idea to satisfy the international community residing in London and Paris.

* Thanks to the high level of care provided by odonto + practitioners whose techniques and competence primarily focus on prevention and quality treatments, the burden of dealing with post-op complications and failures is insignificant and allows us to offer a 3-year-guarantee on Prosthetic and Implant cases for patients accepting to comply with a few basic preventative measures: 2 check-ups, 2 cleanings , 4 bite-wing X-rays and a specialist assessment are the yearly requirements to be entitled to this guarantee. Our patients are also required, during the extent covered by the guarantee, to only receive treatments from dental practitioners belonging to or recommended by our global network of quality dental and oral surgeons.

odonto +is theirs to use to find the right specialist, would they be in need of emergency care at some exotic destination.

The odonto + ten commandments are as follows:

1-odonto + patients will always be given a standard of care founded on sound up-to-date evidence-based dental procedures carried out by leading practitioners with national and international qualifications.

2- odonto + patient members will be helped to find a replacement dental practitioner whenever they are at large of their odonto + dental practice when in need of such service. By using this service, odonto + members will ascertain that they will receive treatments in accord with odonto + standards thus qualifying to validate their odonto + guarantee when travelling.

3-odonto + staff will always give appropriate explanations on treatment plans offered. No treatment will be started until full details and implications of proposed treatment plan are clearly explained and fully understood thanks to a full array of visual aids and diagrams that will be self-explanatory.

4- odonto + staff will always try to provide translations into the patient's mother tongue whenever feasible. English or French will be used alternatively at no charge whenever required for insurance or legal purposes. Interpreters may also be reached by telephone or email to provide translations into all languages available. On-site interpreters may also be summoned for an extra fee proportionate to duration of service and language selected.

5-odonto + doctors will always provide detailed quotations for all dental treatment plans proposed to their patients.

6- odonto +staff will always respond to questions asked by telephone or email within reasonable delays. During holidays, replacement doctors addresses will be offered for emergency treatments.

7-odonto + doctors will always set their fees with moderation, offer alternative treatments or instalment plans to help patients in financial hardship.

8- odonto + will only recommend practices and hospitals abiding by the ECC or US safety regulations concerning their facilities and equipments

9-odonto + will always limit the use of dental materials, appliances and instruments to those approved by international quality testing bureaus.

10-odonto +doctors will always have a responsible attitude towards their patients , in particular with regards to the 3-year-guarantee that will be offered on prostheses and implants installed by odonto practitioners, as long as post-operatory recommended procedures will have been satisfactorily complied with* .


Fee lists are available at our premises of Knightsbridge and Paris 8.

Excellence in Dentistry: preventative dentistry for adults & children, cosmetic makeover, prosthetic, restorative, occlusal , maxillo-facial & periodontal rehabilitations, root canal therapy under operatory microscope, tooth whitening, porcelain inlays & onlays, laminate veneers , crown & bridge work, ceramics, tooh-whitening, orthodontics, cranio maxillo facial surgery, bone grafting , oral pathology, temporo mandibular pathology, Branemark implants, periodontal therapy, in-house dental laboratory technician , Empress & Procera (digital technology) techniques.

French savoir-faire
British pragmatism
The standards of excellence of American Dentistry


Dental practices: Paris, London
surgeons, dentists, dental specialists, dental hygienists, dental laboratory.

Surgeons, Dentists, Dental Specialists: London, Paris.
Chirurgiens, Dentistes, Spécialistes: Londres, Paris.
odonto dental practice
London , United Kingdom

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