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French British American Dental Association of London.

Association of France-U.K.-America-trained medical & dental specialists in the heart of London & Paris:
Dentists, specialists in Odonto-Stomatology & Cranio maxillo-facial surgery.

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There are 2 odonto general dental practices situated in the heart of

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Paris practice
Dr Jean-Jacques Dupuis's practice details:

One office manager, one dental assistant and Mahin, Dr Dupuis's wife, are the only staff members here in this posh Paris practice. Dr Dupuis was trained as a prosthetic specialist in America and uses his in-house dental laboratory facilities to fabricate his own metal and ceramic crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, etc. The practice spreads over 2 floors (twice 60sqm=120sqm) each of the 2 surgeries being fully equiped with X-ray units, digital dental imaging system, hydrocolloid baths for precision impressions, ultrasonics for thorough prophylaxis, rotary endodontic titanium instruments, electronic drilling kits for placing implant and fitting the prosthetic components, not mentioning loupes and an operating microscope to see all the minute details which often can account for those unrecognized pathologies and "unexplainable" symptoms.
The practice is located on the ground floor of a superb Hausmanian-style building which gives easy access from the street for any type of handicapped patients with wheel-chairs or walking disabilities.

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  general dentist:

maxillo facial surgery

dental hygiene
dr.gibilaro orthodontist   dr.dupuis prosthodontist   dr.thuau cranio facial surgeon   dr.sidi periodontist
Dr Anna Gibilaro  

Dr Jean-Jacques

  Dr Henri Thuau   Dr Alain Sidi

Paris General Dental Practice

Dr Jean-Jacques Dupuis
Dental Surgeon
24 rue de Madrid
75008 Paris

metro station: St Augustin, Europe

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Street MAP to odonto Paris

tel. +33 1 4522 2915

fax. +33 1 4293 5906

mob +33 6 6708 8272

Dr jj Dupuis, DDS, MS, FICD

Our London Practice:
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Dr Dupuis's CV

Services performed at
Dr Jean-Jacques Dupuis's
Paris odonto GDP:

- restorative dentistry
(caries, porcelain & gold inlays)

- prosthodontics
(replacement of missing teeth, on site dental laboratory)

- cosmetic dentistry
(bleaching, laminate veneers, smile makeovers)

- endodontics
(root canal treatments, under operating microscope)

- oral surgery
(wisdom teeth, implants)

- dental hygiene
(cleanings, check-ups

- children over 10
(extractions, preventative dentistry)

Languages spoken by doctors or staff:

-English, French, Arabic, Persian, Italian, Japanese

Excellence in dentistry: Preventative dentistry for adults & children, cosmetic makeover, prosthetic, restorative, occlusal , maxillo-facial & periodontal rehabilitations, root canal therapy under operatory microscope, tooth whitening, porcelain inlays & onlays, laminate veneers , crown & bridge work, ceramics, tooh-whitening, orthodontics, cranio maxillo facial surgery, bone grafting ,oral pathology, temporo mandibular pathology, Branemark implants, periodontal therapy, in-house dental laboratory technician , Empress & Procera (digital technology) techniques.

British pragmatism
French savoir-faire
The standards of excellence of American Dentistry

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Dental practices in Paris, London:
surgeons, dentists, dental specialists, dental hygienists, dental laboratory.

French speaking surgeons, dentists, dental specialists: London, Paris.
Chirurgiens, Dentistes et Spécialistes francophones à Londres, Paris.
odonto dental practice

tel. 079 3323 8649

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