Multilingual Dental practitioners trained in France, North America or Great britain practicing in London & Paris, Europe : surgeons, dentists & dental specialists , stomatologists, cranio maxillo facial surgeons, prothodontists, implantologists, endodontists, oral surgeons, periodontists,periodontologists, oral pathologists, orthodontists, pedodontists,dental hygienists, restorative dentists,cosmetic dentists, esthetic dentists, operative dentists,occlusodontists, gnathologists, sports dentists.

london dentists "odonto"

the French British American Dental Association of Europe.

Association of France-U.K.-America-trained medical & dental specialists in Europe:
Dentists, specialists in Odonto-Stomatology & Cranio maxillo-facial surgery.


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dental_specialty_prothodontics 1-prosthodontics
dental_specialty_prothodontics 2-endodontics
dental_specialty_prothodontics 3-periodontics
dental_specialty_prothodontics 4-oral pathology
dental_specialty_prothodontics 5-oral surgery
dental_specialty_prothodontics 6-orthodontics
dental_specialty_prothodontics 7-pedodontics
dental_specialty_prothodontics 8-dental diagnosis_radiology
dental_specialty_prothodontics 9-public health dentistry
medical_specialty_cranio_maxillofacial_surgery 10-cranio maxillofacial surgery
medical_specialty_cranio_maxillofacial_surgery 11-implantology
medical_specialty_cranio_maxillofacial_surgery 12-occlusion
medical_specialty_cranio_maxillofacial_surgery 13-operative_dentistry
medical_specialty_cranio_maxillofacial_surgery 14-aesthetic dentistry
medical_specialty_cranio_maxillofacial_surgery 15-dental_hygiene

US dentistry


American-trained dentists are fully aware of the American standards of Excellence in dentistry and are eager to carry out for their own patients and share with the dental profession throughout Europe the skills and knowledge they have acquired in America. Most European dentists who are graduates from American dental schools are members of the "American Dental Society of Europe" . This society was founded in 1873 and is still, 134 years later, alive and well, which proves that the influence of American Dentistry is still dominant.The American Dental Society of London and the American Dental Club of Paris are also very active local societies and regularly gather the English speaking elite of the dental profession. Many other American societies focus on specific dental specialties like Prosthodontics (American College of Prosthodontists), Endodontics (American Association of Endodontists), Periodontics (American Academy of Periodontology), Orthodontics (American Association of orthodontists ), Oral surgery (American Association of Oral and maxillofacial surgeons), etc. Every year, many European dentists travel long distances to attend the meetings organized by those associations as their scientific meetings usually offer a panel of speakers belonging to the world's top practitioners and foremost specialists and scientists.


Self-explaining diagrams demonstrate various ways of handling infected teeth: restoration of root canal treated teeth or root replacement by implant-supported crown and bridge work.

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dental_specialty_prothodontics 1-prosthodontics
dental_specialty_prothodontics 2-endodontics
dental_specialty_prothodontics 3-periodontics
dental_specialty_prothodontics 4-oral pathology
dental_specialty_prothodontics 5-oral surgery
dental_specialty_prothodontics 6-orthodontics

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medical_specialty_cranio_maxillofacial_surgery 7-cranio maxillofacial surgery
medical_specialty_cranio_maxillofacial_surgery 8-implantology
medical_specialty_cranio_maxillofacial_surgery 9-occlusion
medical_specialty_cranio_maxillofacial_surgery 10-operative_dentistry
medical_specialty_cranio_maxillofacial_surgery 11-aesthetic dentistry
medical_specialty_cranio_maxillofacial_surgery 12-dental_hygiene
For any inquiry about odonto services,
please contact:

odonto dental practices
Jean-Jacques Dupuis, DDS, MS, FICD

tel. + 44 (0) 79 3323 8649 in theUK

tel. + 33 (0) 1 4522 2915 in France

fax. + 33 (0) 1 4293 5906


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hot dental topics

Recommandations for sports amateurs and professionals.



A few clinical cases by Dr Jean-Jacques Dupuis.


Luxury versus quality dentistry.


Are movie stars and celebrities treated differently from plain people?

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General dental practices (GDP) are also available at:

odonto london
odonto paris

Services performed in odonto + Paris and odonto + London General Dental Practices:

- restorative dentistry
(caries, porcelain & gold inlays)

- prosthodontics
(replacement of missing teeth, on site dental laboratory)

- cosmetic dentistry
(bleaching, laminate veneers, smile makeover)

- endodontics
(root canal treatments, under operating microscope)

- oral surgery
(wisdom teeth, implants)

- dental hygiene
(cleanings, check-ups

- children over 10
(extractions, preventative dentistry)

Languages spoken by doctors or staff:

- English, French, Arabic, Persian, Italian, Greek, Japanese, German.

-soon available: Russian.

Excellence in dentistry: Preventative dentistry for adults & children, cosmetic dentistry, smile makeover, prosthetic, restorative, occlusal , maxillo-facial & periodontal rehabilitations, root canal therapy under operatory microscope, tooth whitening, porcelain inlays & onlays, laminate veneers , crown & bridge work, ceramics, tooh-whitening, orthodontics, cranio maxillo facial surgery, bone grafting ,oral pathology, temporo mandibular pathology, Branemark implants, periodontal therapy, in-house dental laboratory technician , Empress & Procera (digital technology) techniques.

French savoir-faire
British pragmatism
The standards of excellence of American Dentistry

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Dental practices: Paris, London
surgeons, dentists, dental specialists, dental hygienists, dental laboratory.

French speaking surgeons, dentists, dental specialists: London, Paris.
Chirurgiens, Dentistes et Spécialistes francophones à Londres, Paris.
odonto dental practices
London, United Kingdom

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