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includes the French British American Dental Association of London.

Team of France-U.K.-America-trained medical & dental specialists in the heart of London & Paris:
Dentists, specialists in Odonto-Stomatology & Cranio maxillo-facial surgery.


For an emergency service or reserve an appointment with a London or Paris dentist, please call Dr Jean-Jacques Dupuis on one of these numbers or click on the Email tab to send him a text message.
If you need to see a specialist your message will be forwarded to one of our available doctors.

+44 (0) 79 3323 8649

email odonto
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Welcome to the London odonto team of excellence is an association of internationally (French-American-British) trained and established doctors (surgeons, dentists & specialists) who have competence in the fields of dentistry and cranio maxillofacial surgery.
If your problem is situated within this realm, then you will definitely find the appropriate answer to your question by consulting our doctors. Oral and dental problems are seldom isolated and often can be misdiagnosed for other ailments stemming from neighboring structures. This is why it is so important to be part of a team including excellent dental, medical and surgical doctors. It is not unusual to see sinus infections linked to dental root infections, muscular tension or TMJ dysfunctions coinciding with cervicalgia which require osteopathic treatment, or eye-, heart- or brain-vascular accidents associated with focal infections of dental origin.
Whereas European Health Systems are basically oriented toward social medical care hence unable to provide top-notch dentistry, there do exist some excellent private and truly dedicated dentists and surgeons who have acquired the international level of competence required to deal with the most demanding patients. A number of them in the past have trained in American dental schools for several years where they have gained an experience in treating difficult clinical cases, or done research in leading American Universities. Some leading European Dental schools and Hospitals can also provide post-graduate students with excellent dental education, as it is the case with the famous Clinic of Cranio-maxillofacial surgery of the University of Zurich founded by Professor Hugo L. Obwegeser, the departments of Periodontics and Orthodontics at the Guys Hospital in London, or the department of Endodontics of the Eastman Dental Institute in London run by Professor Kishor Gulabivala. We, members of the odonto dental team, all went through such a selective process and are proud today to offer our competence and our dedication to the public residing in Europe.
Why did we decide to address expatriates in particular. The answer is that many of them may need urgent high quality care but did not have the time or did not know how to research in their new community the fine practitioners available. Also, they may come from countries where the standards of Dentistry may be higher than in Europe and they want to get here the same high-quality dentistry as they were used to receive from their home dentists. Another good reason to trust odonto doctors relies on their multi-lingual talents. Altogether, 8 major languages are spoken within the team. Our group is unique and we are only presenting ourselves as we really are - not showing off self-styled competence. Our CVs are here to carry evidence of our qualifications and can be checked at any time. On a practical standpoint, Dr Jean-Jacques Dupuis, a general dental practitioner who received specialist trainings in the US and in Europe in prosthetics, endodontics and implantology, currently sees patients in London, UK, and in Paris 8eme, France. As of November 2007, these two practices should be a mere 2h15mn-Eurostar-train-ride apart. Dr Dupuisfs long time involvement in dentistry makes him the ideal doctor by whom to be seen first in order to get a precise diagnosis or evaluation before receiving any kind of treatment either from himself or from his odonto colleagues . He should be able to treat almost any form of pain or infection that may have brought you to us and then take the time to go more in depth to assess your oral and dental condition in order to propose an esthetic, restorative or prosthetic (fixed, removable or implant-borne) solution to your problems. Contrary to a tradition in the US, Dr Dupuis does not have a dental hygienist and will rather do his patients' prophylaxis himself as it is an excellent opportunity to evaluate the tissue response to surgical treatments he might consider for them. His first task will probably be to suggest a cleaning, take a couple impressions and x-rays unless he prefers to send you to a radiologist for an OPG or a CT Scan. Then will come the time for a real debate about your case if it is a complex one, or just a short appointment to fix the problem if it was a minor thing that brought you to the office. But mind you, by his standards, a small cavity is no trifle, knowing that a poor restoration can create lots of damage to the treated tooth, its neighbors or to their periodontal environment. This is why he may surprise you in telling you that two appointments plus some laboratory work in between will be needed to fix the problem. Indeed, hdentistryh is to America what ghaute cuisineh is to France. It takes time and caution to be performed according to the highest standards. Today, many are lured by low-cost dentistry as offered in emerging eastern countries and think it may be worth trying! Trying a hamburger at a cheap fast food restaurant may be acceptable as it will be soon digested. Botched dentistry may have more dramatic and lasting consequences. Not mentioning the fact that the outcome for dental work that has to be redone will always get lower statistics than success at first try. For instance a root-canal treatment performed on a non-infected tooth by a competent dental specialist will reach a high 95% success rate. For a failing previously treated root-canal which needs retreatment the odds will at best be 75%, if you are lucky enough that no root perforation or instrument breakage occurred. Why is quality dentistry so important to American people? In America it has been a tradition for over a century to seek good dental care probably because Americans always have had a need for a strong and healthy body to lead their adventurous lives and because saying hello is customarily accompanied by a broad white smile. In an image-based society where communication prevails, a nice smile is the best communication tool you may have. If you got bored reading these lines, then maybe you donft need odonto services! But if you didn't and even want to know more about us and how to keep a good oral health for many years to come, then maybe you want to go on through the process of having a few X-rays or an OPG taken to allow us to give you a thorough diagnosis and alternative treatment plans to enhance your teeth appearance. This being done, you will receive a quotation or will be sent to the specialist most competent to complete the diagnosis and/or perform a specialist treatment. For cranio maxillofacial surgery or oral pathology Dr Henri Thuau (London W1B 1QN) will be the right person. For periodontal diagnosis and treatment Dr Alain Sidi ( London W1B 1QN) is the specialist we all unquestionably rely on . If you want your teeth orthodontically realigned or need to have complex treatments, including orthognathic surgery, Dr Anna Gibilaro is a whiz.
You can reach us easily by email and even write to us in Arabic, Japanese, Greek, German, Italian or Farsi. To call us and take an appointment with any of us please do so on our London or Paris land-lines. If you have unanswered questions and want to speak to Dr Dupuis personally, do not hesitate to call him on his mobile either in London or Paris.
We look forward to seeing you in our practices,

Yours faithfully,

The odonto team.

Dental excellence: Preventative dentistry for adults & children, cosmetic makeover, prosthetic, restorative, occlusal , maxillo-facial & periodontal rehabilitations, root canal therapy under operatory microscope, tooth whitening, porcelain inlays & onlays, laminate veneers , crown & bridge work, ceramics, tooh-whitening, orthodontics, cranio maxillo facial surgery, bone grafting , oral pathology, temporo mandibular pathology, Branemark implants, periodontal therapy, in-house dental laboratory technician , Empress & Procera (digital technology) techniques.

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Surgeons, dentists, dental specialists: London, Paris.
Chirurgiens, Dentistes et Spécialistes :Londres, Paris.
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